Anticipating Master Gabi Noah’s August Visit, 2017

Gabi Noah, one of the few Masters of Krav Maga in the world, will be joining us this August to lead three public seminars (VIP Protection, P-Camp, and G-Camp) and one seminar exclusively for our instructors. We’re looking forward to his visit, as always, with a lot of anticipation.

Many of our students have noted in the past that Gabi has a sequential, logical teaching style that breaks even the most complex techniques down into comprehensible steps – one of the many reasons that his seminars fill up so quickly. Training with a Master in the field helps you to focus your own training and strive to improve, and it goes without saying that Gabi’s dynamic, no-nonsense approach hugely motivates us.

As you’ll see, the programming for the public starts on August 24th (5:30-9:30 PM in Mississauga) with the VIP Protection seminar. This seminar is not just of interest to those in law-enforcement or security – far from it. “VIP” in Krav Maga includes any person who is meaningful to us, so if you have family members or friends whom you’d want to protect in a threatening situation, this one is for you.


The instructor seminar takes place August 25th (5:30-9:30 PM, Mississauga), and is limited to those who have successfully completed their CIC (Civilian Instructor Course) with IKM. Qualified instructors from IKM schools around the world are welcome to join their Canadian counterparts in this seminar.

Instructor 2017 Gabi.png

On August 26th, the P-Camp will be running from 3-7 PM in Mississauga, followed by testing. On the 27th, the G-Camp will run, also from 3-7 PM in Mississauga, followed by testing. Both of these camps are open to students of all levels, because review, practice, and learning new material are all equally as important.

PcampAug2017Gabai.png GcampAug2017Gabi.png

You’ll see as well that there is early-bird package pricing until May 31st. This applies to the purchase of all three public seminars. Early-bird pricing discounts do not apply to individual seminars. Because of how quickly Gabi’s seminars fill up, we strongly advise you to register and reserve your spot NOW – e-mail

Looking ahead and looking forward to seeing everyone there to welcome Gabi in August!


The Academy Team


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