Seminars with Gabi Noah – this August

Just in case you hadn’t seen the pictures on Facebook, we recently had Gabi Noah here with us this month. He and Rafi were leading the first component of the CIC (Civilian Instructor Course), and Gabi also hosted two dynamic seminars.

It’s very unusual to have access to Gabi more than once a year, but we managed to wrangle him into coming back for the second half of CIC this August. He’ll be leading another two events outside of the CIC as well, and we encourage all of you to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to train with him.

On August 10th, Gabi will be leading a five hour P-camp (5-10 pm). Though it may sound daunting to some, this is an unparalleled chance to get in-depth into the P-level material. There’s nothing like uninterrupted training to help you to push through plateaus and really understand how techniques fit together. Students always find that their training improves exponentially after a long camp like this. Testing for P-levels will occur right after.

On August 11th, Gabi will be turning his attention to our most elite students – our kids. He’ll be hosting a three-hour kids’ tournament. Young students benefit enormously from Gabi’s sequential style of teaching, which takes them step-by-step through key techniques. It’s a real honour for young and adult students alike to be able to say that they trained directly with a Master in the discipline, one who brings almost five decades of experience to every class.

Both events will take place in Mississauga. For registration and pricing information, please see and e-mail

Please note that registration is on NOW! Don’t miss out!


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