Successfully Preventing Injuries

After a very positive introduction to Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, and PNF this afternoon, we are zenall feeling much more limber and much more relaxed!

Our seminar this afternoon, which concerned techniques used by each discipline for injury-prevention, was an important one for those training in strenuous, often high-impact systems like Krav Maga. It’s all a matter of preventative maintenance and care – that’s what keeps us going despite the heavy demands that we place on ourselves in and outside of training.

We’d like to thank Carlotta Trenholm for introducing us to Shiatsu; as Rafi mentioned, her knowledge of pressure points and meridians in the body is impressive, and is a definite help in getting to the root of physical complaints. We’d like to thank Daniela Goode for her Thai Yoga Massage sessions, which led to everyone finding out that they still have shoulder girdles! Her background in the physical sciences means that we learn a tremendous amount about ourselves while we’re in the process of working on what ails us.

I’d like personally to thank everyone whom I worked with using PNF. I hope that the techniques that we used today will become a regular part of our training, allowing us to go further and continue on, injury-free, for longer.

Again, a big, hearty thank-you to both Daniela and Carlotta.  If you’re interested in getting in touch with either therapist for treatment, there are many ways to chat. You can e-mail us at and we can connect you. You’re also welcome to contact Carlotta directly at 416-997-0848. As well, you can contact her on LinkedIn:                                                              You can reach Daniela through Navina: 416.529.2549 or

If you have any questions about today’s session, you definitely know where to find us!

Yours in good health,

The Academy Team



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