Injury-Prevention Seminar, Module Two: Thai Yoga Massage with Daniela

Navina Thai Yoga TherapyEarlier in the week, we were introduced to Shiatsu and how it can help those doing intensive training. We next have an interview with Daniela Goode, co-director of Navina, which provides Thai Yoga Massage services and education. Daniela came by the studio to answer some basic questions not only about Thai Massage, but also about how it applies directly to those in sports and combat arts like Krav Maga. Her very helpful interview can be found here.

Daniela will be providing education and treatment during the November 28th Injury-Prevention seminar, which will give us a chance to experience a therapeutic modality that Daniela affirms helped her in ways that other therapies could not. This is a unique chance for us to reap the benefits of Thai Massage personally, working with an experienced therapist who is also a seasoned and passionate educator.

In addition to the interview, Daniela welcomed us to check out some articles published by Navina, which will help us to get a better idea of what Thai Massage offers to athletes both professional and recreational. To read the articles in full, please visit  and

To ensure that you have a spot at the upcoming Injury Prevention seminar, please e-mail asap. As mentioned, it will run from 3-5 PM on November 28th at the Mississauga Academy location. Book now!



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