November Prep

The schedule for November is now available!

We have two excellent seminars this month, one of which will involve guest instructors and material that will greatly enhance your Krav Maga training.

The first seminar is P2 Part 2, which is the continuation of the P2 Intensive seminar in October. Part 2 will cover the P2-level techniques that were not covered in the first seminar, primarily focusing on areas of practice that students often have difficulty mastering. This includes break-falls and rolls, two groups of skills that adult practitioners frequently need to practice and that, if done incorrectly, can lead to discomfort or even injury. Whether or not you participated in the first P2 seminar, you’re welcome to attend this one.  As in the October seminar, this material is useful whether you’re learning it fresh, want to test, or need a review.  P2 Part 2 will be held on November 14th from 3-5 PM at the Mississauga location, and will be $60 for non-Gold members and free for Gold members.

The second part of the P2 Intensive seminar. Rolls, breakfalls, and more will be covered.

The second part of the P2 Intensive seminar. Rolls, break-falls, and more will be covered.

The second seminar is one that we’ve been working on bringing you for quite a while. It’s a very, very important one for all students who train in a dedicated and ongoing way. We’ve all seen (and possibly felt!) what happens when we train hard after a long break, when we push too hard without working on our flexibility, or when we neglect our sleep and/or nutrition. Most of us wouldn’t let our cars go for too long without an oil change, and we certainly wouldn’t get too far without a tank of gas, but it often happens that we “weekend warrior” ourselves into injury. We look after the maintenance of our vehicles more than our bodies, and this inevitably leads to damage.

In order to ensure that we can all continue to train in a sustained and sustainable way, such that we’re not sidelined by unexpected injury or forced to give up training altogether, we’ve organized an injury prevention seminar that will focus specifically on the needs of those who train regularly in vigorous disciplines like Krav Maga. We’ll be working on PNF used for acute to chronic conditions, Shiatsu, and Thai Yoga Massage. We’re very lucky to be welcoming Carlotta, a Shiatsu therapist, and Daniela, a Thai Yoga Massage provider, to the studio to provide treatments and teach us how to use these modalities to keep ourselves well in a preventative way. This is definitely not a seminar to be missed. Both students and friends are welcome to take part in, and take advantage of, this critical workshop.  The Injury Prevention for Krav Maga seminar will be held on November 28th from 3-5 PM at the Mississauga studio. Because we’re hosting guest instructors, this seminar will be $60 for both Gold and non-Gold members.

Injury Prevention for Krav Maga Seminar

Injury Prevention for Krav Maga Seminar

Please e-mail for more information and for advance registration. We’re anticipating quite a bit of response to our November schedule, so please book in advance.

Happy Autumn!


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