Adult Survival Seminar – The Krav Maga Way

Today, we held the adult survival seminar, which was as much fun as it was real preparation for emergency situations. We’d like to thank those students who participated; we feel that seminars like these, though not specifically involving Krav Maga techniques, teach skills that are critical to overall self-defence.

IMG_20151017_161328 IMG_20151017_161341 IMG_20151017_161940 IMG_20151017_163319 IMG_20151017_163339 IMG_20151017_163341 IMG_20151017_163749_edit IMG_20151017_163801 IMG_20151017_163822 IMG_20151017_163858 IMG_20151017_163924 IMG_20151017_163926 IMG_20151017_163930 IMG_20151017_163933 IMG_20151017_164216 IMG_20151017_164221 IMG_20151017_164445 IMG_20151017_164502 IMG_20151017_164521 IMG_20151017_164754 IMG_20151017_164758 IMG_20151017_164811 IMG_20151017_164816 IMG_20151017_164955 IMG_20151017_164959 IMG_20151017_165002 IMG_20151017_165024 IMG_20151017_165029IMG_20151017_165040IMG_20151017_165034
IMG_20151017_165045 IMG_20151017_165049 IMG_20151017_165055 IMG_20151017_165113 IMG_20151017_165117 IMG_20151017_165121 IMG_20151017_165138 IMG_20151017_165205 IMG_20151017_165222 IMG_20151017_165231 IMG_20151017_165234 IMG_20151017_165307 IMG_20151017_165313 IMG_20151017_165458 IMG_20151017_165502 IMG_20151017_165513 IMG_20151017_165518_edit IMG_20151017_170015

Krav Maga Adult Survival Seminar The Academy of Self-Defence Inc. Mississauga Ontario

Krav Maga Adult Survival Seminar
The Academy of Self-Defence Inc.
Mississauga Ontario

IMG_20151017_170848 IMG_20151017_170900 IMG_20151017_170930 IMG_20151017_171022 IMG_20151017_171326 IMG_20151017_171351 IMG_20151017_171645 IMG_20151017_171702 IMG_20151017_171755 IMG_20151017_171821 IMG_20151017_171837 IMG_20151017_171946 IMG_20151017_172128

If you didn’t have a chance to attend today, be sure to keep up-to-date with Academy seminar news. You can always check out our monthly calendar at

…and don’t forget to pack your emergency kits!


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