And Now for October!

As much as many of us are trying to ignore the signs of the season, October is almost upon us. The good news is that a new month means fresh seminars!

On October 3rd, we’ll have the next Practitioner installment. This time, there will be an exclusive focus on P2 material, and just like last seminar, this one is open to all students, regardless of level. For those who have already earned higher levels, review is just as important as learning new techniques…and as we all know, Rafi’s version of “basic” classes is always intense. For those considering testing for P2 in the future, this seminar is a must.  It will run from 3-5 p.m. in Mississauga on the 3rd, after all regular classes have concluded. Testing, which will be conducted immediately following the seminar, will also be available.

Exclusive focus on Practitioner Level Two material.

The next seminar will take place on October 17th, also from 3-5 p.m. in Mississauga. This one is also for adults and will focus on survival techniques in a variety of life-threatening situations. Participants will be given Ontario emergency-preparedness information kits, and will be asked to prepare a survival kit for home. This is an especially important seminar for us in Krav Maga; our very first precept is “do everything not to get hurt.”  This applies not only to combat, but to daily life as well. Being prepared for all eventualities is key.

Survival...with a Krav Maga twist.

Survival…with a Krav Maga twist.

For more information about the above seminars, please e-mail us at

Pictures from previous seminars are available at


The Academy Team


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