P, G, and E Camps in Netanya


The 2015 P, G, and E camps in Netanya at Gabi Noah’s studio will be starting this Thursday, March 19th. A number of students from our Canadian IKM schools will be attending, and we’re very excited.

The camps are great opportunities for students to participate in concentrated study and practice. The P camp runs for four hours every day for a week, while the G and E camps run eight hours a day for a week each. Sustained training like this gives students a unique opportunity to learn, practice, and retain new material, as well as consolidate their knowledge of familiar techniques.

All IKM schools throughout the world are welcome to send students to the annual P, G, and E camps in Israel. There are also tour-and-train events that are held in the summer, which combine the best of training with recreational trips to attractions and famous sites in Israel.

If you’re interested in future camp and/or tour-and-train trips, please contact us. You can’t ask for a safer vacation opportunity than travelling with your Krav Maga family!

The Team


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