The Academy Goes Literary


Welcome to The Academy of Self-Defence Inc. – the blog edition!

With a beautiful new-ish website ( and a Facebook page to match (, we’ve come to realize that there is a lot of interest in Krav Maga and the benefits that it offers to practitioners.

With so much violence in the news, it’s easy to see why people want to do whatever they can to re-establish a feeling of safety.  Perhaps the most responsible and sustainable way to do just that is to learn, individual by individual, the skills required to keep ourselves and loved ones safe in day-to-day life.  It’s often the small, preventative actions that we take that make the biggest difference, and taking KM classes can teach us what we need to know to be aware, be confident, and be safe.

Krav Maga is a simple, effective self-defence system designed to address danger that exists today. It is designed for the modern world, modern threats, and modern environments.  It can be learned by anyone – four years old and up! – in relatively short time, as it’s based on our natural reflexes.

Please keep up with us, both here and via social media. We hope to make this a forum of discussion and education, the virtual equivalent of our studios and student family.

Yours in safety,

The Academy Team


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