Belts and Levels in Krav Maga

patchHow does Krav Maga test for and organize belts, levels, or degrees? Here is a handy guide to understanding how you’ll progress as you train.

Most federations did away with belts decades ago, moving to a level system that is frequently delineated by patches worn on one’s pants.


Children’s Training

For children, IKM (International Krav Maga) uses the Young Practitioner curricula to determine what a student must know and be able to perform during testing in order to move to a new level. We, at The Academy, use a point system that corresponds to class attendance, performance, and even a certain amount of parental input to judge when a student is ready for sub-level and level testing.

Adults’ Training: Practitioner, Graduate, and Expert

For adults, there are three major divisions of training: five Practitioner (P) levels, five Graduate (G) levels, and five Expert (E) levels. A select number of the original students of the founder of Krav Maga (Imi Sde-Or), hold Master levels. Each adult level has its own curriculum, and level testing is based on the techniques included in each curriculum document. All students begin at the Practitioner stage.

Adult students training a minimum of twice per week for a minimum of six months are eligible to test for a Practitioner level. The first level that an adult student can attain is P1 (Practitioner 1). From there, with a minimum of twice-weekly participation in class, a student can test for Practitioner levels every six months. Given that there are five Practitioner levels altogether, the earliest point at which an adult can become a Graduate student is 3 years after starting his/her training. That same six-month period between level tests (with minimum class attendance) is true for Graduate students as well. For Experts, the period between level tests increases to two years. Experts are also required to participate in intensive certification courses covering special material, such as Krav Maga military courses, police courses, and more.

Curricula Documents

Current students can access curricula documents at the studio or request copies by e-mail. While the documents do not outline how to perform the techniques (i.e. there are no step-by-step instructions), they provide a great overview of techniques taught in class. Many students find reviewing these documents very helpful in organizing their training and preparing for level tests.

For any questions related to level testing and progression in Krav Maga, or if you are a current student and would like to have a look at the curriculum document for your current or next level, please e-mail us at

The Academy Team



Safe Passage into 2019


Each year, we publish as much information about safe public transit over the New Year’s period as possible. We do this in an effort to help everyone – our members and members of the wider community – start the new year in good health and happiness.

It goes without saying that when you pick up a glass, you put your keys down. The same goes for substances other than alcohol, especially relevant this year in Toronto after the legalization of marijuana.

Of course, the concern is sometimes notĀ you – you’re a responsible driver who wouldn’t take a chance; sometimes, the concern is the lack of good judgement shown by other drivers. A night like New Year’s Eve, which is often fueled by a lot of drinking and drug use, is a good example of a night not to be on the road.

So, here is the roundup of public transportation available tonight and tomorrow, much of it free this evening after dinner hours.

Bus Service

In Mississauga (transportation free after 7 p.m. today, until 4 p.m. tomorrow)

In Vaughan/North Brampton (transportation free after 7 p.m. today)

In Toronto (transportation free after 7 p.m. today until 7 a.m. tomorrow)

Taxi Service

If you prefer taxi service, here are lists of taxis per city:




For both new and seasoned drivers alike, it can sometimes be hard to say “I can’t drive” or “I don’t want to drive.” If you need some support in making that decision, know that we at The Academy fully support the good sense of putting the keys down on a night like tonight.

All the very best for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019! We’ll see you back at the studios starting January 2nd!

The Academy Team

Ushering 2018 Out with…SO MANY EVENTS!

There is SO MUCH going on this December, we don’t know where to get started….

Dec 2018


  1. Most importantly, we’re maintaining our focus on community responsibility this month. There are two organizations that we are dedicated to supporting over the many holidays that occur in November/December: The Open Door and the Mississauga Food Bank.

We started a campaign at the beginning of November to collect indoor and warm outdoor clothing for children and adults for The Open Door, an outreach organization in Mississauga that has been in operation since the 70s. They provide an array of vital services for residents of the area – too many to list, in fact. We set out donation bins at our Mississauga studio (3135 Universal Drive, unit 3) at the beginning of November, and were planning to wait until the end of the month to drive our first round of donations over. As it turns out, we’ve already filled our boxes! We are so grateful to all of our members and families for the outpouring of generosity. We’re asking everyone to keep it coming, though! Right through December, we’re continuing to collect donations of:

  • clothing
  • baby formula
  • diapers
  • BNIB gifts

We’ll keep the donation boxes at the front of the studio throughout December, and you can be sure that your contributions will make a genuine difference in the community.

Another campaign that we’ll be getting off the ground this month and next is a food drive for the Mississauga Food Bank. We began organizing drives for them when we moved to the location on Universal Drive a few years ago and realized that they’re our (almost) immediate neighbours. Giving locally is very important to us. The food drive begins on November 26th and will go right through until collection on January 7th, 2019. You’ll see the donation bins at the Mississauga studio, and you’ll also shortly see an online donation option on our Facebook page.

food bank.png

2. We have a December promo coming up, in addition to a fun contest for you and a friend/family member/coworker. From December 1-31st, you can purchase a ten-class drop-in pass for only $100 (regularly $150). This can be purchased for you or someone you know, and the drop-in classes are super flexible (they take up to a year to expire), so now’s the time!


Also, we have a great contest running, from December 1-31st!

When you refer a new student to the studio who completes a five-class pass in the month of December, you will be entered into a draw for $100 off your next membership renewal! Your friend will also automatically be entered into the draw with you for 15% off their first membership. Definitely a fun way to introduce Krav Maga to a loved one/friend/coworker whom you’d like to beat up a little šŸ˜€

E-mail for registration of the new student and/or questions.

3. The December seminar is going to be HOT.Ā 

Military Seminar Dec 2018

This month, we’re holding the Military Seminar: Active Shooter, Takedowns, and Anti-Terrorism. This four-hourĀ event will be taking place at the Mississauga studio on Saturday, December 15th from 4-8 pm and you DO NOT want to miss it! The seminar will focus on areas of major concern today – the sorts of threats and dangers that you hear about in the news, and the kinds of issues that it takes real-world training to deal with. Not your run-of-the-mill holiday fare, and you are guaranteed to walk away from this one with some serious skills. Rafi at his finest (as he says, bring your oxygen tanks…). It’s $125 for non-Gold members and free for Gold members! RSVP to reserve your spot:

4. Social Events!

On Monday, December 3rd, we’ll be hosting “Crazy Grandma” Heather Sinardo of Crazy Grandma’s Barefoot BooksĀ for a holiday book-saleĀ at the Mississauga studio from 5pm onward. If you’re not familiar with Barefoot Books, make a point of coming out. They publish absolutely wonderful children’s books that make incredible gifts over the holidays and year ’round. With a focus on diversity, learning from each other, and social responsibility, these books are as educational as they are beautifully written and illustrated. Sales are largely cash-based, and trust us, you’ll want to buy an armful.

On Wednesday, December 17th, we’ll be holding the holiday potluck at the Mississauga studio after class. Children and families not only welcome, but encouraged to attend! Please bring a snack, meal, beverages, or cutlery, and we’ll make a party of it! It’s a nice chance to get together to enjoy the festivities with our extended Krav Maga family. Please RSVP:

One of the most important parts of the season is involvement with each other, and we hope that you’ll make a point of spending time with us! Looking forward to ushering 2018 out and 2019 in with you!

The Academy Team


Reflections of P-Camp, 2018

Over the last weekend of July this year, we held our semi-annual P-camp and testing. Eight hours each day, for a total of sixteen hours of training, followed on Sunday evening by an additional few hours of testing made for a very intense and very rewarding experience for everyone participating.

The value of extended camps and testing resides in the continuous nature of the training. No interruptions after an hour of work, no having to wait until the next class to practice a difficult technique again, no need to wait to ask a question. Everything is very immediate and there’s a certain coherence that comes from that sort of sustained training. In fact, camps can become somewhat addictive because students often mention feeling much more confident about their understanding and performance of techniques afterward. Camps are so useful for this reason, in fact, that we open all camps to all levels of students, because they are an excellent way not only to review known techniques, but to build a repertoire of new ones as well, and understand where training is headed.

We are proud to say that all of our participating practitioners tested successfully and have moved on to their next levels. A big congratulations to everyone who was here and committed their blood, sweat, and tears to their own improvement, and that of their fellow students. As always, we are inspired and motivated by the dedication of our Krav community! We are also proud of an Academy first this year – we enjoyed The Original Gourmet’s fresh and delicious food, right outside our door. A big thank you for the excellent lunch on Saturday – check out the pictures!

Our G-camp (Graduate level) is coming up at the end of August – stay posted for more information!

Realistic Training has Far-Reaching Effects

carA few weeks ago, one of our members was involved in a serious car accident that could have had far more serious repercussions than it ultimately did; what prevented matters from deteriorating were the quick reflexes and level-headed response of this long-term Academy student.

Driving home with his girlfriend in the early hours of the morning, our student, Mike, saw the headlights of an oncoming vehicle suddenly swerve more directly toward him; there was nowhere to turn, and the vehicles collided head-on. The impact released the airbags, and our student sustained extensive burns across his arms and torso, as well as serious contusions. His girlfriend, sitting in the front seat, as well as the backseat passengers, also sustained injuries, and were badly shaken up. The driver of the oncoming vehicle was immobilized on the floor of her front seat.

Mike credits his Krav Maga training, which involves reaction time drills, drills conducted under increasing levels of physical and mental stress, and performance under fatigue, with his ability to take immediate stock of the situation and begin to react appropriately. He assessed the condition of fellow passengers and removed them from the car, and then, with true integrity, rushed to the other vehicle to offer help. He was able to remove the driver of that vehicle with the help of her passenger, as the safety status of both cars was uncertain. He did all of this while he himself was badly injured, prior to emergency responders arriving at the scene.

We are relieved to say that Mike has been making an excellent recovery and has been gradually returning to participation in class. We wanted to share his story for a number of reasons, the foremost being that we are extremely proud of him for his bravery and selflessness. The extent of the accident might have impaired anyone’s judgement, but he remained calm under fire (and after sustaining his own extensive injuries) and ensured the safety of everyone involved. We’re also very proud to see that he has obviously absorbed the skills and competencies that are integral parts of his Krav Maga training – including quick and accurate assessment of threats and rapid, appropriate response to those threats. His experience illustrates the important point that the ability to manage stress, to evaluate environments and situations accurately, to formulate effective responses quickly – all of these are capabilities that require ongoing practice and can be applied not just to typical self-defence scenarios, but to circumstances outside the typical scope of Krav Maga as well.

We’d like to thank Mike for allowing us to share his story. The value of realistic training is hard to measure; it’s sometimes not until you find yourself in unimaginable conditions that you come to appreciate all of the hours of hard work that you’ve done. It’s at that point that you’re grateful for committing your energy and time to this very active form of “life insurance.”

As always, remain alert and stay safe! The Academy community is stronger because of all of you.

The Academy Team

July Calendar and Events

The July calendar is live!

Please note that there are no classes on Monday, July 2nd in honour of the long weekend; we hope that you have a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

On July 19th, we’ll be holding our second Krav Social, which is a great opportunity to enjoy some fun, purely recreational time with the Academy community. We train together all the time; this is a chance to unwind together! We’ll be meeting at the Classic Bowl on Dundas and Winston Churchill in Mississauga (3055 Dundas Street West) just before 7:30 PM and do some bowling from 7:30-9:30 PM. Friends and family members are encouraged to come!

2nd krav social July 2018.png

Next, on July 28th and 29th, we’ll be running the 2018 P-camp and testing in Mississauga. This two-day event will run from 9 AM – 5 PM each each, with testing happening at 5:30 PM onward on the 29th.

The value of organizing so many class hours into such an intensive format is that it hugely improves retention of techniques, not to mention that there’s a genuine sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that follows two full days of training with fellow practitioners.

Testing, as mentioned, will follow the end of the camp. It begins at 5:30 PM on the 29th, and is open to students who have fulfilled the following prerequisites:Ā  attended both days of the camp and have regularly attended classes since March (at a minimum).

P-camp and testing July 2018.png

We ask that students please RSVP by e-mailing us at for all events.

July 2018

Looking forward to seeing everyone and preparing for the end-of-the-month camp and testing!


The Academy Team

June Events

As is often the case, the summer months begin to pile up with planning and events. We’re a little late to get all of the June information out, but better late than never!

This month, knowing that families are in the process of helping their children to wrap up the school year, we’ve tried to make it at easy as possible for both Maple and Mississauga students to take advantage of the seminar schedule. We’ll be running the seminars in both locations, so no one need miss out.

On Saturday, June 23rd, we’ll be hosting two seminars at the Mississauga location. The first one, from 12-2 pm, is the Advanced Tactics seminar for children ages seven and up. This seminar will teach our young practitioners what to do in extraordinary cases when pure self-defence and educational blocks aren’t enough.

The second seminar in Mississauga on the 23rd will run from 3-5 pm, and is the first of a series of Carjacking seminars for adults. This two-hour period will briefly touch upon some basics of safe parking and movement around vehicles, and then go more deeply into armed attacks (gun and knife) in one-on-one scenarios. Not to be missed.

These two seminars will also run in Maple on Sunday, June 24th. Again, the children’s seminar will be from 12-2 pm and the Carjacking seminar will run from 3-5 pm.

Please RSVP:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The Academy Team